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 In order to catch something paranormal and sometimes otherwise, it is necessary to use a wide array of equipment. You can't always just go into an investigation with cameras and recorders, that's why we use some state of the art equipment such as EVP recorders, EMF Detectors, K-2 meters, infrared thermometers, 2 infrared 4 camera DVR systems, laser grid, motion sensor, REM pod, MEL meter, spirit box, a laptop computer, a sound amplifier, an infrared scope, and both 35mm and digital cameras, and more. We also use several audio and video programs to analyze our findings. As we learn of new and improved equipment that might help us in our endeavors to find out what is beyond this realm of existence, if anything is at all, we try to acquire it. For example, we started setting up our base of operations in an enclosed trailer so we have less chance of contamination. We are highly invested in equipment which enables us to document things that some groups aren't able to do because of their limited equipment. If there is something to document, we are able to potentially catch something quicker and easier. Unfortunately, if spirits or paranormal activity is present, activity doesn't always happen on cue. So, we may not get anything or sometimes you may have to do an investigation more than once. If we debunk things the client thought was paranormal activity, we show/explain to the client why it is a natural phenomenon, such as the house settling, high EMFs, water running through pipes, sometimes just the wind. Either way, we are confident that we can investigate and get to the bottom of what is going on with the use of our equipment and experience we have in multiple fields...

Our Equipment

now that we have 8 Infra Red Cameras we needed another DVR and screen since the one we had used a small screen we got a bigger one and a DVR that records directly onto a DVD or a VHS tape on a VCR that we got just for that purpose


picture 1 is a 35mm Canon EOS Rebel with 2 lenses a wide angle and a long range lense, camera 2 is a 35mm Nikon it is a simple camera but any camera can pick up a paranormal image if one is present, camera 3 is a digital Canon Sure Shot, digital cameras are good because you can view the picture instantly, picture 4 are 2 infrared lenses for the digital Canon


Picture 1 is a Panasonic Mini DV, picture 2 is a 7" DVD Player we use if we want to view the pictures we took on the digital cameras or the Mini DV on a larger screen


photo 1 is a mini infrared DVR camera, photo 2 is a 4 camera infrared DVR system we now have 8 camera's we hook the other 4 to a laptop I also have another DVR on order to support 4 cameras, photo 3 is an infrared night vision scope it does not record, photo 4 is an Infra red Mini DV camera with an attached Infra Red light that has a 100ft range...

Other Necessary Equipment

Photo 1 is a GPS we have to get where we need to be in order to use all of this equipment, Photo 2 are motion detectors we use these in conjuction with some Infra Red beams that are in photo 9 to detect movement, Photo 3 are different kinds of Electromagnetic field detectors, the first lights up and has an alarm so we can set it across a room or in a different room close by and know if it goes off, the 2nd is a K-2 meter which can be used to communicate and seems to work for this purpose Ghost Hunting shows use the technique alot and seem to get results as have we, Photo 4 is probably the most important piece of equipment you can have for safety we do most of our investigations in the dark so flashlights are crutial, if you've watched our video blooper you know what can happen without one, Photo 5 is a simple compass with it you can detect fluxuations in the magnetic field and you can get one anywhere that has a sporting goods section or sells camping or hiking equipment, Photo 6 is probably the most commonly used EMF detector we use this one for base readings then switch to the others to find fluxuations during an investigation, Photo 7 is a Digital Recorder used to get EVPs or electronic voice phenomenons, these are voices you do not usually hear during the investigation but you do upon playback, photo 8 are Walkie Talkies, communication is very important if you hear something and someone else is also in the structure investigating you can call them and see if it was them or if they heard it also, they are also used to communicate from the command center to the investigators incase the monitor person see's something they can relay the information to the investigators who can then go to that area, and an investigator can also have command go back and look to see if they caught anything they think they might have seen, Photo 9 is Lasers, Flashlights, Digital Recorders, Digital Thermometers that record high and low temperatures so we can log any temperature changes in a room, there is also an Ambient Thermometer that gives us the actual temperature in a room and not just an object like the Infra Red Thermal Thermometers do, and finally the Franks Box and Speakers they are basically worthless, I may find a use for the speakers but the Franks Box is worthless

Temperature Gauges

there are 2 types of thermometers in photo 1, the first is an ambient thermometer this gives the reading of the room temperature and records temperature changes, the second is a point and record thermometer it gives the temperature of whatever you point it at, photo 2 is an infrared thermometer it also gives the temperature of whatever you point it at

Storage and Reviewing

This is my Dell laptop we use it to store our findings we also review our evidence on it with programs designed to enhance sound and photographs, it is also capable of hooking up 4 infrared camera's to it if necessary...

we acquire equipment as we see a use for it and can afford it, we have other equipment that we have not photographed and posted yet such as a Laser Grid, an Ovilus and a few other items, we'll get those photos posted as soon as possible...

Test Equipment

Photo 1 is a Franks Box also known as a Ghost Box, it scans either AM or FM frequencies continuously and supposedly makes a word out of the energy that a spirit projects on that ban, we have not had a chance to use it yet but we are looking forward to it, we'll let you know how it works out...

this particular Franks Box is a knock off of the real thing by Radio Shack, this is not in any way useful but for $20.00 it was worth a try, the real thing will have to come at a later date it's about $200 dollars and I'm not paying that for something that isn't proven, I've only seen it used twice on paranormal shows,

Photo 2 is a Parabolic Microphone (bionic ear) this enhances sounds from as far away as 300ft and adds volume to close sounds which is the purpose we got it for, it can also be hooked up to a Digital Recorder then loaded to a computer for further enhancement... we have found that this is a very useful piece of equipment and no longer consider it test equipment..

Photo 3 is a set of Dowsing Rods they have been used to detect Electromagnetic fields and other forms of energy,

Photo 4 is an energy sensor I just built with the help of a fellow Paranormal Group founder who happens to make his own equipment, it detects all kinds of energy it records fluxuations and when you play it through a special program it tells you what the energy is from, if it's an unknown source it may be paranormal we do other tests to try to determine the source if this happens...

Seminar Equipment

 When we do seminars we like to give a visual presentation as well as an informative one, Photo 1 is a set of Bose speakers we hook up to our P.A. System so the people in the back can hear as well as the people in the front row, Photo 2 is a set of Hercules XTS Speakers we hook up to the lap top in order to amplify the EVP's we play these hook up to the Lap Top, Photo 3 is the Projector we use, Photo 4 is the PYLE PRO Amplifier we use it's not big but it does the job, Photo 5 is the PYLE PRO Michrophone we use we have 4 of these, Photo's 6 and 7 are the Strobe Lights that go on the Truck or on a table depending on where we are to draw attention to us, this works out well if we're doing an open seminar or a fundraiser or festival to bring people in to see what's going on, usually when they find out they stick around, we meet a lot of interesting people this way...

Mobile Investigation Command Center

I bought the trailer to avoid contamination, we set up our monitors in the trailer to avoid light, and so we have the least amount of investigators as possible inside, this way we know exactly where everyone is at all times, it has helped tremendously when we are going over our evidence...

When I retired, Mike bought the trailer and will carry on with keeping down contamination on Investigations, by setting up in the Command Center...

Additional Equipment 

We now have a total of 8 Mobile Video Cameras with night vision besides the 8 Infrared Cameras that go to the DVR System, we also have a Laser Grid and an Ovilus II with a Digital Readout, we don't always use every piece of equipment on an investigation, depending on the clients claims we use the equipment we believe will be the most helpful, photos of the new equipment will be added soon....