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Pepper Bottoms (Warren)

Video 1: in this video you will see an ORB move across the top of the room from right to left then change it's flight path to go out the door, this is the camera in the bottom right screen, usually I don't put much credence into orbs to me they are just dust, bugs, or a water spot on the lense, we caught 3 on this investigation that acted differently than the usual orb, in most cases orbs move in an up or down motion, up when dust is disturbed and down when it is setteling, sometimes if a heater or air conditioner comes on it will blow dust sideways but in this case this did not happen the heat was turned off, this is the camera on the bottom right..

Video 2: in this video you will see a similar ORB it also moves across the screen from right to left only it is in the middle of the screen even with the front of the desk and it blinks twice, this is also on the video in the bottom right screen..

Video 3: in this video in the back of the room on the left you will see 2 pictures that the IR light is reflecting off of if you watch closely you will see the light fade out as if someone walked in front of them, everyone in the group was accounted for it was none of us and there was noone else in the building, this is on the bottom left camera..

video 4: in this video you will see an ORB appear out of nowhere and shoot down the stairs, we had a camera at the bottom of the stairs pointing up and it did not catch it, we thought this orb was interesting because it appeared in the middle of the screen it did'nt come from off camera and go through the frame it starts in the middle of the door, this is on the camera on the top left...

you can click on the square box at the bottom of the screen and see any or all of these videos on full screen..

Pepper Bottoms (Warren)

In this Video Clip you will see an Orb move across the top of the screen from right to left and change position dropping down to go out the door in the bottom right screen, usually I don't put much credence into Orbs I believe they are either dust or bugs or maybe a water mark on the lens, but we caught 3 during this investigation that acted differently than the usual Orb, in most cases they move up or down either rising from being disturbed maybe from someone walking and stirring up dust or dropping down as they settle, sometimes if a heater or air conditioner come on it will blow dust around but in that case it usually acts eratically and you know it's dust, this Orb moved from right to left in a straight line until it had to drop to exit the door, I'm not saying it's a spirit just that the movement was interesting, it's up to you to decide what it could be...

Johnny Cakes Candles

In this video Mike is debunking the claims of a door opening by itself while Steve films, they determined that because of the temperature changes and shaking of the floor and door jamb when the furnace comes on that the door eventually works it's way open if it is not completely closed and latched, they closed the door but did not correctly latch it to show how it happens...

In this video Mike is working on his video camera and Steve is recording when there is a sound that to Mike at first sounds like a growl, to Steve it sounds like something sliding on the floor behind Mike but there is noone there and no signs of critters of any kind, and definately nothing big enough to move anything on the floor...

Orb Comes Out Of Wall

In this video one of our team members is using his phone to record his son playing around, if you look to the left of the door after he runs out of the room you see an Orb come shooting out of the wall then change it's direction. it also seems to be emitting it's own light which is one of the things most Paranormal Investigators consider one of the things that make an Orb credible, changing direction is another one, the flashes you see on the outlet are the reflection of the phones recorder light as he is recording and moving the phone, we are not calling this Orb credible but it is a good case for one...

Highland Investigation

In this video, two investigators just set up when they caught an EVP that says "Oh Here we go. Oh Yeah." The audio on the voice recorder was noticably louder than the mini DV camcorder, yet the investigator by the camera heard it with his own ears and the one with the voice recorder did not.

Ceine Investigation

In this video, one of our investigators says, "you can do more than that can't you?" immediately the chair starts shaking, this was not noticed until they were going over the video, when they presented the evidence to the client they did everything they could think of to debunk the chair shaking, including jumping up and down next to it, and observing as traffic went by, they could not get the chair to move...

In this video the investigators are standing quietly when there is a knock from another room, noone else is in the house...